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Let's reduce the waste of wrapping paper!

I have always felt discomfort at disposing of wrapping paper after ripping open gifts. Even trying to recycle the paper requires energy to transform it into a usable resource. Some wrapping paper cannot even be recycled at all. As the owner of Bonsai & Tea, I intend reducing the waste of wrapping paper. Every year-end, we use tons of gift wrapping paper and dispose of it. The amount of wrapping paper thrown away at Christmas is especially problematic. The UK government warned once that the waste in the UK alone during the season would stretch to the moon (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dont-increase-your-christmas-waste-line).

Furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping cloth & traditional culture which was started during the Muromachi era (1336-1573). Initially, people used them for wrapping their clothing to go to a public bath to avoid mixing with other people’s garments. In the Edo era, people started utilizing Furoshiki for more varied purposes, such as wrapping gifts and carrying loose items such as books etc.

How does gift wrapping with the Furoshiki work? Well, it is quite easy; We can wrap a gift with Furoshiki, the Furoshiki is returned to the original Furoshiki owner. By doing so, we utilize using the same cloth efficiently many times. The Gift receiver still has the same excitement opening the gift. A cycle of exchange is established without the environmental impact of wasteful gift wrapping

Japanese Furoshiki is uniquely stunning and sturdy. The Furoshiki maker of Bonsai & Tea has been making Furoshiki for eighty-three years, using traditional Furoshiki making method in Kyoto, Japan. There are many demonstrations on my website, which shows how to use Furoshiki (https://www.bonsai-and-tea.com/furoshiki-small). It can wrap boxes, wine bottles, bento boxes and so on. You can even use them as scarves (for us & pets), bags, travel organizer and wall decoration!

It is the time to have your Furoshiki for enjoying wrapping and saving our resources.

Let’s take action to reduce wrapping paper for our planet.

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