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How to use Furoshiki?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I often get questions about how to use Furoshiki from customers. The following is some of my suggestions. Let me know what you think!

Makie- Kakitsubata L-size

How to use Furoshiki?

1. Wall decoration

All sizes are great for wall decoration. 

Makie Furoshiki is a Furoshiki which has a stunning colour contrast with black, gold and white. Ukiyo-e series (Hokusai, the wave and the red Fuji) is our popular series, and they are great for wall decoration. Putting those Furoshiki in photo frames is a great way to make your wall so beautiful.

2. Wrapping

Generally, S-size furoshiki is a suitable size for wrapping lunch boxes and small gift boxes. M-size Furoshiki is an excellent use for wine bottle wrapping (for one & two bottles), middle size gift and suitcase organizer. E.g. Tokyo Furoshiki & Kotetsu Furoshiki. Reversible Furoshiki such as Isamonyo series is quite pretty especially by show the other side of the fabric (please see below)

Isamonyo series

3. Shawl

Kotesu Furoshiki can be used as a beautiful shawl.

4. Lunch box cloth

S-size Furoshiki is perfect for wrapping your lunch box. Kabuki Furoshiki makes your lunchtime merrier

Kabuki Furoshiki

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