The stunning masks make your outing bright and happy!



- M size (narrow): approx 17cm width x 14cm height (with curve)


- Outside:100% cotton

- Inside: 2 layers of gauze (100% cotton) .

- Washable and reusable. (Wash it before first use. Gentle Hand washes. Please avoid using harsh soap to avoid irritating your 


Face Mask M size Narrow (blue & gold)

SKU: Mask001
  • These are NOT medical-grade masks and we are not affiliated with any organizations, manufacturers, companies, or with the medical services. 

    For hygienic purposes, we will not be accepting returns. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

    How to adjust the elastic band

    1.Adjust the elastic to your size and then tie a knot 

    2. Cut off the extra elastic

    3.Slide the knots into the inside of the folds

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