Product Description

Okame is a woman. Hyottoko is a man. These comical masks are often sold at Japanese festivals.
Okame is a generous woman who is full-figured and has a small nose and small eyes, allied with an endlessly cheerful disposition. Okame is a traditional image of an everyday Japanese woman. Hyottoko probably sounded like “Hiotoko” or “fireman” in olden times since the job of managing the smelting furnace was an important one. The comical puckered mouth is a defining feature of the Hyottoko mask as the fireman would blow the furnace with his bamboo tube to control the flow of air.
(The dot pattern appearing behind the mask is part of the handle of the hand towel) Depending on where you tie, you can see and enjoy different expressions.

Product Details

  • Dimensions : 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″).
  • Weight : 44 g.
  • Material : 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Gift Wrapping (Lunch Box etc..)


Furoshiki S size: Okame & Hyottoko

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