Product Description

Tied the fun, spread the fun, wrapped and fun, and fun to look.
Fortune comes in by enjoy Furoshiki!
Popular lucky charms in local series. Arrival in “Tokyo” and “Kyoto”.
It's widely uses souvenirs, gifts and their own. If it wrap daily lunch box to be fan. Also there are fun and lively character series.


There are plenty of delicious foods such as sushi, Monja - ya - yaki, crepe etc in the streets of Tokyo where sights are lined and is exciting. Looking at the crowded train, it is very lively. Panda is also a fun Furoshiki that takes a look.


Product Details

  • Dimensions : 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″).
  • Weight : 44 g.
  • Material : 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Gift Wrapping (Lunch Box etc..)

Furoshiki S size: Tokyo

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